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Why are you here?

Hi. My name is Reza.


I’ve spent most my life exploring how systems work, and how uncertainties tend to mess with them. Over the past 20 years I’ve been an engineer, analyst, researcher, lecturer, strategy manager and startup founder, and in almost all of them I’ve been working at the intersection of “systems thinking” and “decision-making under uncertainty.”


Yet after all, here is what makes it all very interesting to me: I've learned that we've been blind to almost all critical events throughout the history, and unable to predict the general trends most of the times. “Uncertainty” is the main fabric of our lives, to the extent that "randomness" affects everything beyond our control. 

So I started SHEYPE, an independent research and advisory firm. We help our clients take advantage of uncertainties and build systems that leverage probabilistic thinking at core. We provide guidelines, courses, workshops, research and consulting services in the areas of decision making, risk analysis and uncertainty management. 

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